Big Bertha

What makes the Big Bertha stand out amongst the other slot machines is that there are larger symbols-the 160 reel symbols play with probabilities that are involved in the game, and your chances of winning increase by a considerable extent. Bringing a change in the 15 reel symbols which would bound your payoff up to only a figure of hundreds of dollars, the Big Berth which is powered by the 5-horsepower engine is an amazing slot machine, which facilitates the casinos to expand their jackpot sizes.

When Big Bertha first came into existence, it became a huge success. The Super Big Bertha which eventually substituted the Big Bertha was even much grander and better. Owing to its manufacturing cost of $150,000, there were only limited machines available. You could find the Super Big Berthas in the posh casinos of Las Vegas.

The only kink in the Big Bertha machines was the probability of hitting the jackpot-which was figured out to be one in 15 billion spins. This actually means that amongst millions of spins, it was highly likely that nobody hit the jackpot.

The RNG-doing away with the huge sizes

However, what rendered the Big Bertha and the Super Big Bertha useless and archaic was the RNG, or the Random number generator. The RNG's function was apparently pretty simple-to randomly select a good number which would be matched with the corresponding combination of the reel symbols. The computer was used for this selection, and the player would be paid if this random selection was one of the winning combinations. What this in reality meant was that unlike the Big Bertha, there were systems which were not gigantic in size and in price!

The RNG was a breakthrough because it provided a ground for designing what are called as 'progressive jackpots', which got such an extraordinary degree of universal appeal that it was startlingly successful. The most popular slot machines in the globe, for instance the Wheel of Fortune slot machine were the basis for this. In the present day, the Big Bertha is nothing but a museum piece-an antique system.