A slot machine will have every detail that you need to know about winning at it; the number of coins and the combination that you need to achieve. You would usually find a pay table put in front of the corresponding slot machine, near or around the machine and the spinning reels. You can view the slots and pay out details online by going through a link or clicking on a button when playing online slots.

Payout Percentage

The usual range for the payouts is from 82% to 98%, on the money that has put in by the player. The minimum payout to the player is decided by the law; and it cannot be set below what the law has advised. Some examples are as follows.

The law states that the minimum payout for a player is 78% in New Jersey, and cannot be below 75% in Nevada. The winning pattern is designed in such a way that some money goes to the house as profit, and the rest is for paying this minimum payout to the player. Through 1,000,000 spins, if you have wagered $1,000,000, then for every dollar per spin you will be paid out $950,000 on an average. So you see that the percentage for the payout if 95. 'Loose Slots' is the term given to the machines that have a payout percentage of 90 or more.

Another significant that you must note apart from the average payout percentage is the probability of the payouts. As a matter of fact, the values of these payout probabilities are never revealed to any player. Many times you would have seen advertisements of 100% payouts. However, that is not true-the probabilities remain pretty much constant for the slots.