Pioneers Of Slot Game

The popularity of slot games impresses. Slot game is the most played casino game which is widely spread throughout the world and is adored by millions of gamblers. So how did it all happen and who created the first slot machine? Let's have a look at the history of exciting slot games.

Charles Fey

The pioneer of slot machines was Charles Fey who created the first slot machine in 1895. For years he was improving his innovation and in 1907 he united with Mills Novelty Company which produced the "Mills Liberty Bell" in San Francisco a gave a name to it "slot machine". The success was tremendous. People were captured by the iron machine called slots. The symbols were presented as several playing cards: jack, the queen and the king. To inform about the winning the ringing of the bell was used. This principle is still used for these purposes up to now.

The "Liberty Bell"

The "Liberty Bell" is a forefather of modern slot machines. It's principle of work and basic design is used in modern ones. The first slot machines had three reels and 20 symbols. Modern machines are equipped microprocessor-controlled devices, hundreds of symbols and five spinning reels.

The following variations of slot machines

The next variation was introduced by the Mills Novelty Company in 1910 and was called Operator Bell. Well-known fruit symbols appeared in this machine. As they were made from iron they were very heavy about 100 pounds. This disadvantage was removed in 1915 by changing iron cabinets into wooden. By 40's the popularity of slot games spread around America. In these years Bugsy Siegel brought machines in Las Vegas into his Flamingo Hilton Hotel.

Modern slot machines have such innovations as microprocessors, progressive slots, multi-line slots, online slots. The variations will appear and the popularity will grow endlessly.