Winning "One-Armed Bandits"

It goes without saying that it is very difficult to build a strategy following which you'll definitely win. At the same time you can form several strategies which will enlarge your chances to receive a jackpot. Of course it is better to start playing on free slot machines because free slot machine games won't influence on you budget.

Studying the payout schedule is very important before starting the game. The best advice you can ever receive is playing with maximum bet that is maximum sum of coins. On multi pay -line machines there is only one payout but the prize may appear much better that means that you may double or triple you prize. So it is evident that you should play the max.

The payback percentage

The payback percentage may vary from machine to machine. You have greater chances to win if the payback rate is higher. It's a nobodies' secret that online slot machines propose the best payback. It's incredible but some of them may reach up to 99%. So if you like the machine which offers the payback of 80% you'll better change it.

The next advice is following: make limits on the sum of money that you can spend on the slots. You would hardly enjoy the game if you'll go home absolutely without money.

"One Armed Bandit"

Some slot machines in old days were made with a program not to let the gamblers get the jackpot. This is how the term "One Armed Bandit" appeared. Nowadays it is impossible as all slot machines are strictly controlled by the government.

Every slot machine has RNG (random number generator) that control the position of the reels. In addition every slot machine is been carefully checked before the usage. So don't worry trust your luck and knowledge and enjoy your game.