Strategies to Play Slots and Win Them

Exciting slot game is considered to be the game of luck. The question arises is there a special strategy? The experience of previous years says that it is always better to play with the maximum bet especially in progressive slots. When you are playing progressive slots with one coin at a time you are only increasing the jackpot of another player and you don't have chances to win.

A Buy-A-Pay Slot game

While playing Hidden Buy-A-Pay or a Buy-A-Pay Slot you have great chances to win. The only advice is that you should obligatory play with multiple coins. In this case you activate every acceptable winning combination with every coin. Playing with the maximum coins will be very profitable for you. Playing on a Buy-A-Pay slot can be compared with playing on different machines. In a Hidden Buy-A-Pay slot you should examine the pay table if there is a bonus.

Studying of the payouts

In spite of the simplicity of rules in slot games you should be able to understand the wheels. There are 3, 5 and 7-reeld slots. In 3-reeld slots can be five payouts per spin in the left or right bottom, top or middle diagonal. There are eight winning combinations in 5-reeld slots so it is more profitable.

The bonus slot machines have the best payouts. In spite of the fact that bonus slot has just one payout in case of winning you get a great amount of money. The popularity of mega spin is explained by possibility to play multiple 3-reeld games at once. With each spin you have six chances to receive a jackpot.

Still there are no rules to win a jackpot in slot games you can just study the payout lines in order not to rely only on your luck. But this gives you joy and excitement.